• How do you know that you will get me a job?

    Every industry always has jobs available. The problem is that so many people apply once a job is listed. Unless you’re the best out of the 100 or so people that apply, they won’t choose you. We give employers your details, and often they interview you first. We want employers to choose you before they list the job.

  • How many places will offer me work?

    We don’t know. People with good experience and qualifications will get more contacts and more offers.

  • Can you guarantee that I will find a job?

    We wish we could, but it is not possible to offer a guarantee. We cannot force anyone to hire someone. If you are qualified for the job you want, though, your odds are great when you use our service.

  • Why do you charge so little money?

    This question is pretty funny. Some people think that, since other agencies charge up to $3000 for a job, our service is cheap because it doesn’t work as well. It seems too good to be true, but we are charging what we consider a fair price. Our clients get jobs, and we still make money. If you really think another agency is a better value at $3000 for the same service, feel free to go with them.

  • Why is your agency the best?

    It is hard to choose a reliable agency. Some just surf job websites for you, and some will even lie about their connections. Depending on your field, we get your information to hundreds of employers. We will send you their details so you know who we have contacted.

  • How quickly will I get a job?

    We cannot make a guarantee, but our clients often get the first phone call in the same day we email their resume. An employer called one of our clients to set up an interview just 6 minutes after we sent out her information – she was amazed.

  • What if my field is not listed on your site?

    We can help to find most jobs. A custom search might cost a little more. All you have to do is tell us your ideal job, and we’ll tell you what we can do to help you.

  • What if I do not get a job?

    If your first round does not work out, we can resend your resume for a small fee as often as you would like. Some companies might not have a job this week, but have one next week.

  • How can I get the best chance to find work?

    If your qualifications are correct, you already have good chances with us. Your cover letter, though, needs to be perfect. Employers are busy, and they only look at a cover letter for a short time. They will not interview you without a well-written cover letter. Think about it – if you were looking at two cover letters, one with errors and one without, who would you call? Improving your cover letter is one of the best things you can do to get offered an interview and a job.

  • Where can you find me a job?

    All over New Zealand. We have offices internationally. See the top of the home page for the countries in which we operate..

  • Can you ask a company to sponsor me?

    We can write a request for you, and send it to hundreds of employers. Contact us to find out what this service costs and discuss your requirements.

  • I am overseas – can you help me find a job?

    This is harder because employers prefer to interview in person. We can try to find you a job which you are living overseas, but the chance of success is not good.

  • Can you write a resume for me?

    Yes. We can tailor-make you a resume and cover letter which will double your chances of getting an interview. If you already have a resume, we can proofread and fix it. The people who write our resumes are employed as journalists and are great writers.

  • Can you get me a job in Wellington, Auckland or Christchurch?

    We can find you work all across New Zealand.

  • Why should I trust your company to get me a job?

    We can’t promise to get you a job. We can do our best to help you get an interview. Craig Binnie, one of the most experienced journalists in Australia, founded The Job Factory and is still personally involved. You can find him on Linked In and see his connections to Australian businesses, and his history of community involvement.

Email: jobs@thejobfactory.co.nz
Phone: Craig +64 9889 1202