The Job Factory offers a truly reasonable price for incredibly effective results.

If you communicate with the phone app WeChat, we will give you a $10 discount.

  • STARTING FEE (one-time only)

$150 upfront gets your application sent to up to hundreds of potential employers. You will never have to pay again, even after you are hired.


For only $90:

  • We proofread and fix your resume so that the English language, spelling and grammar are perfect
  • Fix or write a tailored cover letter so you have much better odds of being considered for a job

You need to be sure your resume’s English is clear and perfect. For your cover letter, it is even more important. If your application has mistakes, you are far less likely to even get an interview. Since it is so important, we might reject an applicant who wants to use a resume and cover letter of the wrong standard.

If after seven days you do not have a job, we can re-send your application to employers a second time for only $50. We can actually send it as many times as you like for $50 each time. We can also provide additional lists of potential employers if you would like to boost the number of companies we send your resume to.

When you work with us, we want you to get a job quickly. We’ll do all we can to give you the best chance. If you need a job quickly, contact us today.