How to get a job fast

Everything you need to know about how to get started can be found below.

We know that every day you remain unemployed you are losing money, so our aim is to find jobs for clients as quickly as possible by skipping them to the front of the queue.

The reason it is so difficult to get a job is that advertised jobs often receive more than 100 applicants. You will need to be lucky or the best of these 100 people if you are going to get the job.

If you only apply for jobs that are advertised then your job search could take months.

The trick to our success is that we contact employers before they advertise their jobs so that you might be the only person interviewed for the job.

And you know that if you are the only person who is interviewed for a job then you will have a much better chance of getting it – it’s common sense.

Keep in mind that we do not have any relationship or any contact with any employers ever. Our aim is to work for you to try to find you a vacancy that has not been advertised to maximise your chances of getting a job. We put our clients first, unlike job agencies. It is also important to note that we do not guarantee that clients will get a job by using our services.

If you wish to enlist our services, then our bank account details are as follows

The Job Factory Group Pty Ltd
ANZ Bank
Account: 06-0730-0322300-00

Simply transfer the money and email us the details of the transfer.Please note that we offer a $10 discount if you download the WeChat App on your phone to make communicating with us easier and faster. Our WeChat ID is CRAIGB1.

$150 upfront – this is a one-off fee and there is no more to pay ever

For an extra $90 we will also:
• Check and fix your resume and
• Create a perfectly-written cover letter so that employers know how good you are.

During your initial consultation we will have discussed with you how many employers we are going to provide you to send your resume to. Some clients prefer to approach even more potential employers to (a) increase their chances of getting a job offer and (b) to increase the chances of getting two job offers so that they can pick the highest paying job.
In some instances we can provide extra employer lists. The price is $50 per list or 3 extra lists for $100.


1. Send us a copy of your resume and your cover letter, if you have one.

If you have paid the $90 to have your resume and cover letter fixed then we will prepare these documents and return them to you within the agreed time (usually 24-48 hours) so that you can check them.

The cover letter will be in perfect English and will explain the job you want and any other requirements you have such as full-time, casual or weekend shifts.

2. Provide us with details of the type of job you are seeking. Please try to keep the job/s you are willing to do as broad as possible. For example it is easier to get a job if we say that you are seeking bookkeeping or administration role – two job types means double the chance.

3. Upon receipt of your payment, we will send you a list of potential employers for you to edit. You will need to delete the employers that are too far from your home and send the list back to us.

Once all of these things are complete we will deliver your resume and details to the employers you have selected.


Keep in mind that if you do not get a job, or promising lead, within a few days of us sending out your resume then we can try again. The cost of sending your resume to the same employers – or a different list of employers – to continue your job search is $50.

Contact Craig anytime on +64 9889 1202 or or WeChat (Craigb1) if you have any queries.